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Computer Technician:

A computer technician is an individual who identifies, troubleshoots and resolves computer problems. Computer technicians possess skilled knowledge, hands-on experience and different tools to repair and maintain computer hardware, software and network/Internet issues. A computer technician is also known as a PC technician or PC repair technician.

Techopedia explains Computer Technician:

Although computer technicians create, assemble, install and maintain computer systems, their primary job is troubleshooting computers, specifically hardware and OS issues. Typically, a computer technician’s job role may include the following areas: Hardware: Installing new power supplies, upgrading firmware, repairing motherboards, etc. Software: OS troubleshooting/installation, software/application installation, virus scanning/firewall integration, etc. Network: Setting up and maintaining Internet connectivity, network configuration, sharing, printer setup, etc. External/Peripheral devices: Installing, troubleshooting and repairing mice, keyboards, cameras, speakers, monitors, etc. A+ certification is a vendor-neutral certification program that certifies an individual with computer repair skills. A computer technician can specialize in desktop computers, laptops, servers, or all of them.

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This job loosely falls under the Bureau of Labor Statistics 'Occupational Outlook Handbook' listing of a Computer Support Specialist .  The difference is that a Computer Technician works more with hardware and software than people, while the Computer Support Specialist works more with people.  However, there can be a lot of overlap.

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