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Disabling Windows 10 Upgrade

Here's how to get rid of the Upgrade to Windows 10 notification (Your update is ready...) in Windows 7. 

  1. Go to Control Panel

  2. Click System and Security

  3. Find and click on "View Installed Updates" (small text to the right under the Windows Update section)

  4. Locate KB3035583 (you can use the Search box in the upper right of the window) and uninstall it

  5. Afterwards, go back and search for Windows Update, KB3035583 will be there to install again. 

  6. Right click on it and and select "Hide update".

Personaly I like Windows 10 (However, I use various tweaks to make the start menu look like Windows 7) but I keep a Virtual version of Windows 7 (using Oracle VM VirtualBox ) incase I need it.

The above worked for me in Windows 7 I don't know about other Windows versions.  If you want more information and other options:

How to Manage Windows 10 notification and upgrade options: