Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

If a company (employer) includes phrases like: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion , then they may not be (probably aren't) an Equal Opportunity Employer (or they may be just trying to appear Politically Correct, which, to me, brings up another integrety issue.)

If a company is truly treating all people equally, they don’t need to ask what someone’s attributes are that are not directly related to the job they are hiring for.

For example. If they are going to hire someone to make widgets, all that matters is if they can make widgets or can learn how to make widgets, show up to work, do their work, etc...

If a company asks anything else or especially if they post on their website that they are targeting specific groups to be singled out, they are not treating everyone equally based on their ability to do the job, but rather they are probably doing the opposite.

For example if they say they (go out of their way to) hire so many percent of a particular group of people, then they are practicing discrimination.

Personally I question the employer's integrity.

Unfortunately the Government official regulations and DEI employers do treat people differently ( i.e. Hiring, promotions, etc. based on attributes that have nothing to do with the job)

No one should be harassed for any reason. However some DEI and Government regulations are OK with selective discrimination and perhaps harassment.

Here is the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission web site: US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

If you carefully read the above web site and assoicated links on that site, you should see what I mean about the US Government is condoning selective discrimination.

Just because something is legal doesn't mean it is ethical.

Note: I am not an employer.