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Christian salvation is not magic...

To many people treat Christian salvation like it is some magic formula that you don’t need to understand but if you do it correctly, you will avoid Hell and get your free ticket to Heaven and God will bless you in this life. That is not Christianity, it may be religion and comes in many forms, but it is not true Christianity, and it doesn’t work. True Christianity is a relationship with God and a right relationship with your fellow man.

Sin, in the Christian vocabulary, is when you disobey God. This includes your morals and your ethics, but also in not honoring God as God.

It doesn’t matter what words you quote or use, but it does matter what you mean. You must accept and agree with God’s moral and ethical values, as described in the Bible, and confess that you have violated them. Usually that means you are living your life for yourself for the most part. Furthermore you must agree that God’s moral and ethical values are good and just. Then, you must repent (turn in your heart) from your sin. In other words change your mind about your sin. Hate your sin, and desire to turn from your sin to follow God in righteous living. However, you also must realize that on your own power you can’t change. That is where the Gospel is ‘good news’. By the power of the Holy Spirit you can overcome your sinful nature. You will never be sinless in this life, but you can change from being OK with your sin to hating your sin, desiring to live a life pleasing to God, and having the power, through the Holy Spirit, to overcome. If you are honest with God about this he will change you in his timing. Some things will change quickly, others not so quickly, but you will never be sorry you choose him.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Rom 6:23 (ESV)


Welcome to my personal web page. I created this page for a number of reasons. One was so I could learn web page authoring, so some things within the pages are just so I can learn. (For example there are the current date and time in a number of formats on this page.) Other reasons where for a Christian witness and to have a place to post information and helpful web pages for others to view.

I have added a lot of links I think you may find very useful on my Links page, please check it out

I hope you enjoy my web site.

Daniel Jacobson

Note: I have used Bootstrap to format this web site. One feature of Bootstrap is the web site can be viewed on many size of devises from a PC to a Smartphone. Learn how to use Bootstrap here.

However, now I am learning more of what CSS3 can do. One can do much more with just HTML & CSS3 than with Bootstrap on many things. Eventually I will probably ditch Bootstrap and go pure HTML, CSS3 and Java Script.


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