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Welcome to my personal web page. I created this page for a number of reasons. One was so I could learn web page authoring, so some things within the pages are just so I can learn. (For example there are the current date and time in a number of formats on this page.) Other reasons where for a Christian witness and to have a place to post information and helpful web pages for others to view.

I have added a lot of links I think you may find very useful on my Links page, please check it out

I hope you enjoy my web site.

Daniel Jacobson

Note: I have used Bootstrap to format this web site. One feature of Bootstrap is the web site can be viewed on many size of devises from a PC to a Smartphone. Learn how to use Bootstrap here.

However, now I am learning more of what CSS3 can do. One can do much more with just HTML & CSS3 than with Bootstrap on many things. Eventually I will probably ditch Bootstrap and go pure HTML, CSS3 and Java Script.

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