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"From Whence Comes
Prosperity, Integrity and Liberty"

By Frank Fluckiger 

January 21, 2019

Prosperity, Integrity, and Liberty - these three noble ideals promoted by the Constitution Party were foundational to our civilizational achievements.

To help us understand these pillars, we need to ask ourselves from what roots do they grow, how we can foster these in our communities, and why are they important? We need to look no further than our Founding Fathers who believed and practiced these characteristics.

The Founding Fathers well understood that those pillars could only be fostered by recognizing that there was a Supreme Being. They recognized him as God, who governs in the affairs of men. He provided certain basic tenants by which men must abide if those lofty pillars were to be maintained.

The Founding Fathers readily recognized that common law sprang from the Judeo-Christian writings. Moses received the Ten Commandments, which embodied the concept that there is a Supreme Being who was to be honored and who would ultimately hold men accountable for their actions in this life. Among those commandments were the concepts not to steal, not to bear false witness, not to covet, and to love our fellow men as we love ourselves.

Another important principle embraced was that the idler was not to eat the bread of the laborer. Those with a strong work ethic were held in high regard amongst men, while the idler was mocked and ostracized. The religious origins of the founding principles of the United States aside, societies throughout history that observed such common-sense values have prospered, while societies which did not value them have withered and died, often brutal deaths at the hands of an angry populace or superior civilizations. Modern times have seen the observance of these common-sense morals systematically stripped from the societal consciousness.

The advent of “Cultural Marxism,” and its gradual, steady takeover of our institutions of learning and governance, has largely purged these time-tested social mores from the social consciousness. The traditionally masculine man is mocked, criticized, and vilified while an ever-expanding “nanny-state coddles the idler,” often paid for by burdensome taxes levied against the toilers and craftsmen. Let us remember to praise the labor of our friends and neighbors and take every opportunity to remind our communities that the acidic poison of creeping socialism is eroding the bedrock of our prosperity.

Just recently, we saw a purveyor of socialist-utopian propaganda, Gillette, produce a short film deriding males as being inherently evil. Follow this YouTube link to see for yourself. The increasingly radical Western Left shows its utter contempt for our civilization and those who built it through their racist, authoritarian control of our media. They flood television and social media with sounds and imagery meant to subvert our love of our American values and sow the seeds of self-hate. We all see it, and the responsibility falls on us to promote our values at every opportunity.

We witness the abandonment of Judeo-Christian virtue in our legal system. We see concepts as foundational to the stability of our civilization as innocent until proven guilty, the due process of the law, and the rejection of ideas such as guilt by association being twisted into a mirror of the tactics used in Stalinist Russia and Maoist China to rouse mobs of angry progressives to denounce and publicly shame people. Without ever stepping foot inside of a courtroom, those who resist are accused of all manner of vile crimes. Their families are threatened, their places of employment are harassed, and their property is destroyed by mobs of Progressive and Democratic Socialist activists. Look to progressive strongholds such as the city of Portland, Oregon and most of coastal California for evidence of this. These people see an apology of any form as an admission of guilt and hound those who cave in and force them to apologize again and again.

Progressives have learned how to take advantage of the trust that many Americans have in our media institutions and use them to conduct these public trials. They use platitudes such as “believe all women” to encourage people to vilify men who are merely accused of sexual improprieties. Rarely do they issue apologies and retractions for the public shaming, even if these men are acquitted of any wrongdoing in a court of law — not even when their accusers are proven to have outright fabricated their accusation.

The Founding Fathers clearly understood that the founding principles of our republic had to be adhered to if the form of government they gave us was to endure successfully. Our civilization would only prosper if these principles of self-government were inculcated in the minds of Americans. With the gradual erasure of the teaching of these principles from our institutions of learning, the responsibility falls on us as individuals to teach these principles, lest they are lost to time and irrelevance. The erasure of our founding principles from our consciousness by the tyrannical and censorious media is not an accident.

Should we fail to promote these values, it will be impossible for our children, and our children’s children to enjoy the rights gifted to us by God and natural law. Should we fail to remember who we are, and where we came from, we will fall into a nightmare from which there will be no waking with all knowledge of our once free and prosperous civilization beyond all desire or recall.

With Prosperity, Integrity, and Liberty among the highest values of our society, America has become the most prosperous, freest, and most powerful nation in the entirety of human history. Likewise, the loss of these guiding values has resulted in the corruption and slow destruction of our society. The Social Marxists have replaced religiosity and reverence for God with the “non-theistic religion” of Intersectional Social Justice.

Recently, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. was reported as having given a speech to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in which he claimed a sacred right to censor and “de-platform” any who go in opposition to the Progressive agenda of political correctness. “Hate Speech” has replaced blasphemy, and the owners and managers of monolithic tech monopolies, such as Facebook and Twitter, have become the new clergy. They use their powerful platforms to denounce all who resist as sinners, unworthy of a voice in the modern world.

Benjamin Franklin was quoted as saying: “We gave you a republic, if you can keep it.”

Now, more than at any point in our history, it behooves us that we remember who we are. We must embrace and do our part to reignite the American passion for those principles that made our civilization possible or risk losing it. The collusion that exists between the Social Marxists, the Progressive politicians, and the Tech Monarchs has given them free rein to deconstruct the ancient traditions and values that have allowed us to build the most prosperous and liberal civilization in the entirety of human history. They do not do this flippantly. They believe that they have a sacred duty to usher in a new Marxist Utopia. But the only way they can build their utopia is on the ruined ashes of our civilization.

In closing, I want to mention that we received many first-time donations last month. Your response tells us that our message is being received and resonating in the hearts of fellow patriots. Every comment you leave, the newsletter you read and share, and donations you offer helps keep the hope for the restoration of our Republic alive. We offer our humblest thanks to those of our readers who have donated your time and money to keep the Constitution Party growing.

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With sincerest thanks,

National Chairman
     Constitution Party

Note: Once again my sincere thanks to Nicholas Kontgas for his input into the writing of this newsletter. His experience in living in Marxist China for the past 11 years has given him insight into the incredible value of our form of government that few people will ever have.