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Constitution Party Newsletter

February 12, 2019

The Green New Revolution:

The Fundamental Misunderstanding of
Comrade Cortez’s “Green New Deal”

All of the people mocking and deriding Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the apparent idiocy that is her “Green New Deal” (hereafter the GND) fundamentally misunderstand a key point: It is designed to fail. Failure of such a massive economic policy would be the final nail in the coffin of our Republic and pave the way for socialism to take its final steps in the march through the institutions of the United States.

In this article, I will first identify some of the vocabulary used by neo-socialist/globalist elements in both of the major parties that should be a cause for concern not only to any patriot that bleeds red, white, and blue, but any citizen that simply wants to live their lives unmolested by government overreach. You will see these in quotation marks. Second, I will explain what the ultimate outcomes of the GND are meant to be.

First, we have to understand that Marxist revolutions are never about preserving the systems that they replace. The fundamental idea that powers Marxist revolutions is the notion that, because of the inherent “inequality” of humanity, the “impoverished and marginalized groups” within society have to rise up and seize control of the means of production. They do this by promoting ideas such as “defending our democracy”. The ways in which “democracy is defended” is first through classifying certain types of speech as “hate speech”, which is promoted by “hate groups”, “bigots”, and “fascists”. Next, these “hate groups” have to be pushed back against by “anti-fascist groups”.

They understand that public shaming is a powerful tool to discourage resistance to their ideas, so once the freedom of expression and association are sufficiently demonized, most people will be unwilling to speak out against them, or form opposition groups.

With people afraid to put up any meaningful resistance, they demand that “common sense gun control” be implemented. They will recognize that the police do not prevent crime, they react to crime, and so they will avoid making logical arguments to persuade you. Instead, they will utilize emotional events to bully people into accepting gun control. They will say that “lone wolves” are responsible for “mass shootings” and “school shootings”, and that police cannot preempt their crimes, and the only way to ensure that these things will “never again” be an issue, is for law abiding citizens to give up their arms. With the populace cowed by public shaming, divided, and fractured by fear of being associated with “hate groups”, and coerced into being disarmed, they can then begin their revolution without fear of organized resistance.

So, what does any of this have to do with the Green new deal? The answer is simple. The authors of the GND know that it will result in the collapse of the American economic system, but it will ensure that, along with prior legislation designed to give the Federal Government the power to spy on and prosecute average citizens under the auspices of anti-terrorism laws, the government will be able to take total control of every aspect of your life. All in the name of preventing “climate change”.

If we consider the following simple questions, the means by which this Green New Deal would allow socialism to complete its takeover of the United States become apparent.

1. How would it collapse the economy? The economy, as it is today, is based entirely on fiat (debt). Were the Green New Deal to go through, the tens of trillions of dollars of debt that it would add on to our already overburdened financial system would not just be the straw the broke the camel’s back. It would be the dump truck that crushed the camel into oblivion.

2. Where would that money come from? Taxation? Even if they taxed us at one hundred percent, that would not be able to cover the cost of transitioning an economy as big as ours from fossil fuels to “green” energy. They would have to print unimaginable amounts of money. The inflation alone would turn us into Venezuela, practically overnight.

3. What’s going to happen in the interim? The sudden shuttering of industries that employ tens of millions of people would necessarily result in rampant crime. Just think about the inner-city slums all across the country, and expand that to every state, city, town, neighborhood, and household in the country. The abrupt closure of industries employing tens of millions of people across the country and the following crime waves would be all the justification they would need to install a true police state. The Hegelian dialectic in its purest form. Action. Problem. “Solution”. Repeat.

But don’t forget. They understand all of this, and they count on it. The goal of socialism is to place a nation’s means of production in government hands. For such a fundamental restructuring of an economy as expansive as that of the US to happen would require the complete collapse of the economy. From there, it could be rebuilt and restructured according to their ideology.

For human beings to accept that, there has to be the ever-present threat of force, reinforced by regular displays of power. We don’t have to look far back in history to see this. We can see it all over the world at this very moment. Anti-terrorism laws, humanity herded and corralled into vast (and easily monitored) metropolitan centers via urbanization, and now this GND would give them all of the tools needed to impose a Neo-Marxist dictatorship. If you think “this could never happen in this country”, then I encourage you to think about how many people across the world and through the years have thought that very same thing, only to have their world turned into an Orwellian nightmare before their eyes.

If we allow these smiling psychopaths to take control, you can say goodbye to all of your freedoms. Push back, while you still have the opportunity. Stand with us and take up the mantel of Constitutionist. If you bleed red, white, and blue, if you are proud to call yourself an American patriot either Left or Right, or even if you just want to live your life in peace and liberty, then you understand in your heart of hearts that the time to act is upon us. Stand tall with the Constitution Party and tell these wolves in sheep’s clothing that we see them, we know them, and we will NOT let them take our civilization away from us!

Thank you for your time in reading this commentary.

You are us, and we are you. Just as a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC should be.

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