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Computer Programming (coding)

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Web Development

  • A logical approach to the 5 areas of full stack development.
    • These 12 short intro videos cover the 5 areas of the full stack web app from front-end through server side programming language.
      • Front End
        1. HTML: HyperText Markup Language to identify or "markup" content.
        2. CSS: Cascading Style Sheets to style and layout content.
        3. JavaScript: To provide interactivity with content and styles.
      • Back End
        1. Server-Side Language: To collect form data to store in a database or to query a database to create dynamic web page content.
        2. Database: Relational database modeling to organize and structure data.
          • SQL: Structured Query Language to select, append, update, and delete data from a relational database.
      • Front End + Back End = Full Stack
    • In this screencast will summarize the 5 major technologies in the full stack and give you some tips on how to approach your computer science education to maximize your money, minimize your investment of time, and build the foundational skills needed to start a very lucrative career as a web app developer! by Lisa Friedrichsen
      All of her youtubes can be found at:
      http://students.jccc.edu/lisalfri (I have, so far, only watched the 'Logical Approach' video mentioned above.)


      • Free online courses I have found usefull
      • (In alphabetical order not neccesarily in the order you should take them.)

      Free Code Camp
      • Thousands of coding lessons to help you improve your skills. You can earn each certification by completing its 5 final projects. And yes - all of this is 100% free, thanks to the thousands of campers who donate to our nonprofit. If you are new to coding, we recommend you start at the beginning.


    Online Web Page Creation Help

      • There are many such pages on the web, these are some of the one's I have run across. If you have any good suggestions I would be glad to add them to the list.

      • .htaccess Tools
        On this site you will find various generators to create .htaccess files for ie hotlink protection, password protection, or blocking of hitbots.

      • HTML Source : HTML Tutorials

      • Metatags.org

      • Misc
        • List of sites that teach many topics, some also have coding

      • PHP.net Manual

      • Quackit

      • Scrimba
        • Scrimba lets you interact with the code inside the screencast whenever you want. This is a life-saver when you don’t fully understand the code, and need to play around with it to grasp it. It’s also great for when you simply want to copy a piece of code from the screencast to your local environment.

      • Tizag Tutorial
        • A collection of webmaster tutorials including topics on HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and more.

      • Tutorial Republic

      • W3Schools
        - I highly recomend!
        • W3Schools is a web developers site, with tutorials and references on web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, W3.CSS, and Bootstrap, covering most aspects of web programming.

      • W3C

      • W3C Recommendations Index

      • * Syntax by Language

    Programming Tools


    • Launch Code
    • How LaunchCode Works
        Get Skills
        • Sign up for one of LaunchCode's free, world-class training programs, or discover other top-rated educational resources tailored to meet your learning goals.
        Get Verified
        • Apply online for a LaunchCode apprenticeship and our mentors will help you grow your skills while providing feedback on your progress.
        Get Placed
        • LaunchCode matches you with one of our 500 employer partners for a paid apprenticeship. More than four out of five apprentices are converted to full-time hires.

    Server-side programs that I use

       (Programs that run on a server)