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Computer Programming (coding)

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Command line reference – Database and OS scripting

  • SS64
    • Command line reference – Database and OS scripting
      • Bash, macOS, CMD, PowerShell, Access, VB Script, Oracle, SQL Server, ASCII, Convert MB/GB, Forum, Passwords

Web Development

  • A logical approach to the 5 areas of full stack development.
    • These 12 short intro videos cover the 5 areas of the full stack web app from front-end through server side programming language.
      • Front End
        1. HTML: HyperText Markup Language to identify or "markup" content.
        2. CSS: Cascading Style Sheets to style and layout content.
        3. JavaScript: To provide interactivity with content and styles.
      • Back End
        1. Server-Side Language: To collect form data to store in a database or to query a database to create dynamic web page content.
        2. Database: Relational database modeling to organize and structure data.
          • SQL: Structured Query Language to select, append, update, and delete data from a relational database.
      • Front End + Back End = Full Stack
    • In this screencast will summarize the 5 major technologies in the full stack and give you some tips on how to approach your computer science education to maximize your money, minimize your investment of time, and build the foundational skills needed to start a very lucrative career as a web app developer! by Lisa Friedrichsen
      All of her youtubes can be found at: